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  • Description:  A beautiful and inspiring anthem by the Nationalist band, Saga. Stay Alive Music and lyrics: Saga See the fear in people’s eyes never knowing when Things will change or when these lies will be forgotten Then we’ll know for real the things that matters Straight from our hearts we’ll find the strength to make it better And like that we’ll come undone Know the need to stay alive no more wasted lives in vain Make our people grow and thrive don’t ever feel that it matters the same Never feel less than strong no more weakness up ahead Know the need to stay alive See the sun after the rain, that makes things bright again No more tears and no more pain will be again cause When we know that pure is understood fighting evil will be honoured Less than nothing is indifferent and like that we’ll come undone Chorus True hearts survives all battles that may come True souls stay alive never miss the sun again In time we’ll know if this was meant to be Our strength our pride the honour our people’s choice Chorus x2 Know the need...oh Know the need...oh I know the need, I know the need to stay alive I know the need, I know the need to stay alive
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